Tshwaranang Sewing Building Expansion

One of our projects Tshwaranang Sewing is in the process of receiveing a building expansion and also received material to be used in the manufacturing of school uniforms for local schools in and around the community of Bethanie. On behalf of Tshwaranang Sewing Management, we at Sage Wise would to say thank you to Glencore Rhovan Mine for all the commitment, assistance & support they provide to Tshwaranang Sewing. Tshwaranang Sewing is gratefull & appreciate it. As one of Rhovan's SLP projects it is our primary objective to ensure this project becomes sustainable and creates their own foot print in the manufacturing industry.


Although Tshwaranang manufactures for 8 schools it is not sustainable due to most of the childrens parents being unemployed as we all know the Economic state South Africa is in. A sustainable income is needed for Tshwaranang Sewing to become successful as the business is equiped with all the required machinery & all the ladies does have th neccessary skills, experience & knowledge.

Penetration of the school uniform manufacturing market in Rustenburg, Mooinooi, Brits & Hartebeespoort will be the next step as Tshwaranang does have the capacity & required skills to serve more clients. The ladies of Tshwaranang is motivated & committed in making their business a success. With our Business Support & Mentorship and Incubation stuctures we will guide them, mentor them, teach them & grow them as business and individuals.


"What we do at Sage Wise, IS RESULT DRIVEN!!!"