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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 00:00

Steelpoort Projects

Minatlou Trading 631c provides cleaning services at plants (premises, raw material, furnance and back house):

  • We have done a feasibility study
  • Financial Budget
  • Funding Proposal
  • Negotiated Contractual Agreement between them and Xtrata
  • Soft Loan Agreement
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Statuary Registrations
  • Employees Contracts
  • Arrananged Business Training with SEDA
  • We taught them business ethics and principles
  • We put management control system in place
  • Cash Flow Management
  • All members are actively involved in the operation
  • We arranged feature educational training with NOSA (there are two qualified safety officers)
  • We advised them to procure bakkie
  • We arranged weekly and monthly meetings
  • We visited them more regularly
  • Monthly Payroll


Modipadi A Ngwato provides portal toilets which are used by Glencore employees:

  • We registrar them into our database
  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial Budget
  • Funding Proposals
  • Statuary Registrations
  • Site Establishment
  • Start-up capital
  • Arranged Medicals
  • Identified mentor (Mashego Toilets)
  • Arranged business training with SEDA
  • Employees contracts is in place
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Arranged MOU
  • Management Control System is in place
  • Counter Signatories
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Call Account has been opened
  • Business Ethics
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • One on one session (after care) (site visits, mentoring and coaching)
  • Weekly and montly report
  • Profits share took place


Moeding Constructions are personnel transport. They are transporting Glencore employees from homne to work and from work to home on daily basis:

  • Registrar them into our database
  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial Budget
  • Funding Proposal
  • Organised start-up caital
  • Site Establishment
  • Mangement control systems is in place
  • Statuary Registrations
  • Routes Permits
  • Mentor Identified (Sekhukune)
  • Business Training
  • Funds Control (Counter Signatories)
  • Investment account has been opened
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Employee Contact
  • Members are Working
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Capturing
  • Regular Site Visit



Wednesday, 09 July 2014 00:00

Why Choose Us

Sagewise understand your business need to comply with the Codes. We would like to assist you to comply and get your points... and at the same time, to turn a selected group of your suppliers into better, more reliable businesses that are sustainable.

Our aim is to help you tick your SD/ED boxes without the headaches often associated with supporting black-owned suppliers.

Friday, 04 July 2014 00:00

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Sage Wise will make the complying with the supplier and enterprise development parts of the BBBEE Codes easy – taking away the hassle for you and handling it from A to Z. Also focusing on improving the quality and performance of the suppliers and SMMEs who you decide you want to support.   

Complying with the codes is a have to & we want to help you do that and earn your points. But at the same time, turn a selected group of your suppliers into better, more reliable businesses that are sustainable. Sage Wise aim to help you tick your SD/ED boxes without the worries often associated with supporting black-owned suppliers.
We have a range of supplier and enterprise development solutions, programmes & experience.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

Dikobo Blankets

Dikobo Blankets is a newly established business that is fully black owned. Dikobo Blankets is situated in the Glencore Mini Supply Park in Rustenburg Industrial area.
The target market is blanket manufacturing, specifically targeting the branding on blankets. It also entails the purchasing of rolls of blankets plain or with already quality branded prints for cultures, logos, churches, schools, etc. on the blankets. The product range will consist of the following items:

•    High quality blankets with added embroidery
•    High quality blankets with the different identities printed on it
•    Blankets made to specifications: hospitals, hostels, hotel groups, etc.

A mentor was also appointed to help Dikobo become sustainable. Mentorship for 5 years – Sesli Blanket Manufacturers in Roodepoort.

•    Supply of finished product
•    Finishing and cutting
•    Packing
•    Transport
•    Selling

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

Ikemeleng Catering & Projects

Ikemeleng Catering & Projects is a new established business that is fully black owned. Ikemeleng Catering & Projects is situated at the Ikemeleng community in Kroondal.

The structure of Ikemeleng Catering is on the premises of Tirelong & Ikemeleng primary and secondary school. Ikemeleng Catering & Projects will be providing catering services to the following:
•    Tirelong & Ikemeleng primary and seconday school
•    Kroondal Mine
•    Ikemeleng community
•    Distributing to food carts
•    Functions
•    Any person, business, entity, school etc. that want to make use of their services

Ikemeleng Catering is fully equipped and consists of everything needed to start operating. The structure of Ikemeleng Catering consists of a big kitchen and entertainment area to hold successful functions and provide for a decent amount of people.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

Itseeleng Bricks

Itseeleng Bricks is a local black owned private company that was established and developed through the Glencore Enterprise Development program. Itseeleng Bricks is located in the Bakwena Ba-Magopa community.

Itseeleng Bricks currently is only providing for the local & surrounding communities, but wants to expand their business and generate more contracts to be sustainable. In order to expand Itseeleng Bricks will need a mentor that must be able to walk a path with them and assist them in the key areas of brick manufacturing knowledge, skills, business knowledge, thinking & implementing ideas. Itseeleng will also need a proper delivery truck & bigger capacity brick manufacturing machine to enable them to expand.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

Seepa Waste Management

Seepa Pitso Waste Management is a Business Enterprise Development Project of Xstrata-Rhovan in the Bakwena Ba Magopa Community, which falls under the Rustenburg Local Municipality. 

Seepa Pitso Waste Management provides work for all 5 members of the Co-operative. Seepa Pitso Primary Co-operative Waste Management is a waste management company who offers the following services to the local communities of Bethanie, Modikoe, Berseba and Makolokwe, Industrial or Business Market and Government:

  • Waste removal and
  • Recycling of waste

Seepa Pitso Waste Management has two core purposes: the collection of waste and sorting of waste for recycling purposes from households, businesses and Government Institutions.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

JB Gardening Services

Jan Barnard and his dad established JB Gardening Services in 1992 in Rustenburg. JB Gardening Services has been developed into a well-established gardening service, with the current owners being Jan Barnard and his wife M Barnard. The enterprise is managed by Jan Barnard with M Barnard being responsible for the financial side of the business.

JB Gardening service currently has a contract at Glencore Wonderkop for rendering gardening services to the Plant. The inniative for this project was to be 50% black owned and Jan Barnard soled 50% of their shares (was a CC but then converted to a Pty Ltd) in the company to a black workers trust. 14 Employees is the beneficiaries of the Trust and between them; they nominated 2 of the beneficiaries that will represent them on management level.

This transformation development is created through the expansion of the scope of work at Wonderkop Plant as well as an additional contract at the Glencore Head office in Rustenburg to maintain and work their gardens.

    •    Mowing Lawns
    •    Trim edges of flower beds & lawns
    •    Rotavate flower beds
    •    Remove weeds in flower beds
    •    Collect garden refuse and remove to agreed area
    •    Generate compost with garden refuse
    •    Irrigate gardens and lawns utilising the irrigation system
    •    Remove dead plants and reintroduce new plants
    •    Pruning of trees
    •    Maintaining the current irritgation system
    •    Slashing of wild unmaintained grass areas using a tractor and slasher

    •    Take care of pot plants
    •    Cleaning & washing steps
    •    Pick up debris / litter and remove to agreed area
    •    Sweep of areas specified
    •    Spray insecticides / weed-killers where necessary
    •    Fertilise lawns every 6 months
    •    Treatment of Palm trees

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

Reggy Signs

Reggy Signs and Painters CC were established in August 2006 and were formed by two members, Mr. Mike Dube and Mrs. Regina Dube Moseki, whom the business was named after. The business is located in the industrial part of Zinniaville in Rustenburg and is specializing in the complete signage service.
Xstrata (now Glencore) South Africa (Pty) Ltd therefore required Sage Wise Cc to evaluate the feasibility to fund and assist the enterprise, Reggy Signs and Painters CC, with the following improvements and upgrades:

•    Infrastructure – Relocating to the Mini Supply Park, developed by Xstrata and Bojanala Local Municipality.
•    Equipment – Upgrade their current equipment with the latest technological advanced equipment.

The improvements and upgrades did contribute to make Reggy Signs and Painters CC more competitive in the signage market sector and added value to the sustainability of this enterprise. Reggy Signs and Painters CC were able to expand their capabilities and product range, improve the quality of their delivered products and achieve better financial returns and margins.   Reggy Signs & Painters CC is still operating well and is a strong competitor in the signage & paint market.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

Tshekiso Garden and Cleaning Services

Tshekiso Garden Services Cc is a local black owned close corporation that was established and developed through the Xstrata Alloys Enterprise Development program. Currently Tshekiso Garden Services is the vendor for garden services at Glencore - Boshoek Plant and are responsible for all the cleaning and gardening maintenance outside the buildings. Future growth in this market segment is however very limited and therefore the intention is to increase their scope of work, with the purpose of supporting them with sufficient growth, that will add value to them becoming a sustainable vendor that will also be in a position to contribute to job creation.

The management of Glencore - Boshoek Plant & Sage Wise has identified the cleaning services of their offices and other buildings, as an excellent opportunity to enhance the scope of work and revenue stream for Tshekiso Garden Services. Tshekiso did grow their revenue stream and staff compliment by 400% with the successful development of this initiative. This ensured financial stability for Tshekiso and the means to become a competitive participant in the cleaning services market segment. To relate to their overall trade the name of Tshekiso Garden Services was changed to Tshekiso Garden & Cleaning Services Cc.

The general specification and scope of work is as follows:

  • Floor surface cleaning and maintenance (offices ,boardroom, kitchen and change house)
  • Dusting surfaces
  • Waste disposal
  • Cleaning of toilets
  • Window cleaning
  • Building surrounds
  • Gardening and general works etc.
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