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JB Gardening Services

Jan Barnard and his dad established JB Gardening Services in 1992 in Rustenburg. JB Gardening Services has been developed into a well-established gardening service, with the current owners being Jan Barnard and his wife M Barnard. The enterprise is managed by Jan Barnard with M Barnard being responsible for the financial side of the business.

JB Gardening service currently has a contract at Glencore Wonderkop for rendering gardening services to the Plant. The inniative for this project was to be 50% black owned and Jan Barnard soled 50% of their shares (was a CC but then converted to a Pty Ltd) in the company to a black workers trust. 14 Employees is the beneficiaries of the Trust and between them; they nominated 2 of the beneficiaries that will represent them on management level.

This transformation development is created through the expansion of the scope of work at Wonderkop Plant as well as an additional contract at the Glencore Head office in Rustenburg to maintain and work their gardens.

    •    Mowing Lawns
    •    Trim edges of flower beds & lawns
    •    Rotavate flower beds
    •    Remove weeds in flower beds
    •    Collect garden refuse and remove to agreed area
    •    Generate compost with garden refuse
    •    Irrigate gardens and lawns utilising the irrigation system
    •    Remove dead plants and reintroduce new plants
    •    Pruning of trees
    •    Maintaining the current irritgation system
    •    Slashing of wild unmaintained grass areas using a tractor and slasher

    •    Take care of pot plants
    •    Cleaning & washing steps
    •    Pick up debris / litter and remove to agreed area
    •    Sweep of areas specified
    •    Spray insecticides / weed-killers where necessary
    •    Fertilise lawns every 6 months
    •    Treatment of Palm trees


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