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About Sage Wise

Sage Wise is a well-established business specializing in Enterprise development, Business Mentorship, BEE consultancy and managing Incubation Centre’s. Sage Wise is based in Rustenburg, Johannesburg and Steelpoort. We focus on supporting the development of stable BEE business as part of the economic growth and stability of SMME businesses in South Africa.

Sage Wise and Xstrata Alloys (now Glencore) established the Business Support Centre’s as the platform from which the specialized services are rendered to develop, support & mentor entrepreneurs as aid for BEE Procurement and supplier development. The Centre’s are located at Steelpoort in the Eastern Limb and at Rustenburg in the Western Limb. It has a well-established infrastructure supported by a management and employee team of experts that are strong, adequate and skilled in the development and support of enterprises.

The program that was developed by Sage Wise is to address the existing shortfall in the successes and sustainability of new established and existing SMM & L black owned enterprises and to create a level playing field for them. We are implementing an innovative and integrated approach to enterprise development and support that lends itself to grow sustainable businesses in South Africa.

Sage Wise Business Support Centre:

The existing business support centres were officially opened in January 2011 with the main objective to assist SMME businesses with business support. The businesses vary between start-ups and existing operations that want to grow.
The idea for these centres came about due to a working relationship between Sage Wise and Xstrata Alloys to assist and develop their enterprise initiatives. The relationship with Xstrata Alloys is conformed in a legal agreement.
In collaboration, the two entities developed a program that has been tested and works when it comes to enterprise incubation.

Vision & Mission:

a.    Vision statement:

To develop sustainable SMM & L Enterprises and suppliers, at all levels of procurement – services, consumables and capital goods – that are owned, managed and staffed by historically disadvantaged individuals

b.    Mission statement:

To provide professional services that will assist, support and mentor Black owned enterprises to grow, improve and manage their Businesses in a sustainable manner.

c.    Business goals & objectives

SMMEs are mostly started by their owners, with low or no financial resource endowments, limited business management skills and no business networks.

Globalisation has increased the need to constantly innovate and keep ahead of the competition. Given the right support, SMMEs will be competitive and become players in the mainstream economy.
Sage Wise provides capacity building through the Business Support Concept, whereby the SMME is assisted and supported on a group basis to make the services more affordable. Support is provided in supplying communication, computers, boardroom, office, mentorship and training facilities.

The goal is to assist SMMEs to become more competitive in the domestic and international markets.

The SMME entrepreneurs will have accessibility to the following at the Business Support Centre:

•    Receptionist
•    Switchboard facility
•    Fax facilities
•    Computers and internet
•    Boardroom
•    Filing system for their documents
•    Trained staff to assist in:

     o    Registrations and compliances; i.e. PAYE, UIF, etc.
     o    Other requirements

•    Professional Staff:

     o    Bookkeepers
     o    Business development officers
     o    Training and educational support

•    Selected courses to enhance business and management skills levels
•    Continuous involvement to grow entrepreneurial skills
•    Monthly evaluations per enterprise
•    Monthly business performance analysis discussed with entrepreneurs
•    Continuous involvement to grow entrepreneurial skills

d.    Business competitiveness

The uniqueness of the current support program constitutes the following:
•    Current working relationship with Glencore
•    Existing incubation support programme that is working
•    Establishment of mobile support centres that will focus on visiting the enterprises at their location
•    Existing business support centres covering both North West and Limpopo /
Mpumalanga provinces
•    Great success track record
•    Consists of a management team with the best qualifications, knowledge and

Competence and Experience

The support centre has been in operation SINCE 2011, supporting the ED initiatives of Xstrata Alloys now Glencore, South Africa.

The relationship with Xstrata now Glencore started in 2005 with Sage Wise assisting them in:

•    Supplier conversion
•    Developing new ED projects

The members of Sage Wise, with its professional support team and employees, believe we do have sufficient competence to successfully manage such an Incubator centre. The team comprises of the following different levels:

➢    General Business Management
➢    Financial
➢    CA
➢    Auditing entity
➢    Bookkeepers
➢    Business development and mentoring
➢    Mentors
➢    Training
➢    Internal training

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