Sage Wise is excited to announce that we are currently busy planning & structuring 3 new projects whereby 2 are in advanced stages already. It has been long hours & hard work the past 3 months to structure these opportunities but as you know everything we do is RESULT DRIVEN. Keep an eye out as we will be providing updates soon on our progress.

We are leaders in the industry when it comes to Enterprise & Supplier Development. Even in tough economical times & where there is a high failure rate for newly established businesses we have the best success rate. We focus on quality & not quantity, success & not failure, reaping rewards & changing lives.

Stay motivated & positive.


Sage Wise team









About Us

Sage Wise is a well-established business specializing in Enterprise development, Business Mentorship, BEE consultancy and managing Incubation Centre’s. Sage Wise is based in Rustenburg, Johannesburg and Steelpoort. We focus on supporting the development of stable BEE business as part of the economic growth and stability of SMME businesses in South Africa.

Sage Wise and Xstrata Alloys (now Glencore) established the Business Support Centre’s as the platform from which the specialized services are rendered to develop, support & mentor entrepreneurs as aid for BEE Procurement and supplier development. The Centre’s are located at Steelpoort in the Eastern Limb and at Rustenburg in the Western Limb. It has a well-established infrastructure supported by a management and employee team of experts that are strong, adequate and skilled in the development and support of enterprises.

The program that was developed by Sage Wise is to address the existing shortfall in the successes and sustainability of new established and existing SMM & L black owned enterprises and to create a level playing field for them. We are implementing an innovative and integrated approach to enterprise development and support that lends itself to grow sustainable businesses in South Africa.


  • Existing incubation support programme that achieves successes
  • On site visits and mentorship
  • Establishment of mobile support centres that will focus on going out to the enterprises where they are situated
  • Existing business support centres covering both North West & Limpopo provinces
  • Best knowledge & experience
  • Professional & Qualified staff and employees
  • Committed & goal orientated



  • Enterprise identification
  • Project Development Plans
  • Feasibility Studies / Business Plans
  • Marketing Strategies / Plans
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Business Support Program
  • Business Mentorship Program
  • Trade Skills Program
  • Business Management Training Programs


Some of the projects we have been involved in are the following:

•    Dikobo Blankets
•    Ikemeleng Food & Catering
•    Itseeleng Bricks
•    Seepa Waste Management